Tuesday, July 31, 2012

The Karma Addict.

To be born in India is to be exposed to its mystical philosophy armed with which you wander throughout your life – free with a metaphysical certificate, as Karma becomes embedded in you DNA. No matter how intolerable the situation, you accept it with the stoic nature of a philosopher. Sometimes it also happens that instead of joy you will encounter pain, it is again attributed to Karma as explained in Eastern Philosophy. Life is a perpetual spree, destiny affects everything and everyone and there are no exceptions, because this is the assumed reality. Believing in what is reality can be a relatively negative experience, yet they strive for reconciliation – as a sort of catharsis for the soul. Life with its disappointments goes on, while ruthlessly stripping away the ornate masks which we all wear to hide our own flawed humanity. We are all victims of self doubt. When you believe in Karma (Destiny) the miseries even if many may not seem much – but the form suffers some strange destiny to which many of us succumb. Like the vapors which unravel in a haze when viewed through the mirrors of our minds, your Karma become as clear as the blue ocean. These expressions emotional as well as intellectual are all about the present moment of awareness. It is indispensable to understand this transition to achieve bliss and liberation. So go ahead, step on the gas, physically, mentally and spiritually. Drink the wild music of the noisy streets; hear the bird song in the quiet woods to find the balance between what is pragmatic, materialistic and meaningful in life. We are all part of humanity which will not survive – except by extraordinary shifts of the ages in this inhuman world shaken out of our certainties, frightened adults, struggling to understand their sad predicament and willing to forgive - an unseen and unknown God. In the west we could sing Que Sera Sera… what will be will be. There are always exits, compensations, ameliorations, people, religious rituals that create a chaos when order is beyond human comprehension. There is no sharp separation between vice and virtue – neither joy nor sorrow can be connected to form a holy chain or a narrative of life, this is our destiny. Truth may be single but lies and miseries are legion in this world. By believing in Karma we can only grasp a splinter of the truth – painful, a poignant excavation of self and a gripping narrative of life. – Vinay-

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