Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Running the Race of Life.

If the race is over by the time your settle in front of the Telly it’s a sprint; if it is still on after you have finished the popcorn and beer it’s a marathon or long distance run.
For some people life is a jog and others it is a lark. You see them early mornings / evenings with fancy running kits, ears plugged into an iPod. Many of them have never broken into a sweat about mundane things like mortgages / EMI, tuition fees, inflation or recession.

Years of living in countries like USA, Canada and Europe, a regular diet of proteins and carbs have built up muscles, and the sprinters with a dash of steroids have build bodies that move like greased lighting. For most people in cities life is one big sprint racing through everything in life – school to B schools, career, work, dropping the children, soccer classes, tuitions, music lessons and the occasional barbecue in the back yard.

When we race against the clock there is no time to ruminate or chew the cud, when you decide to smell the zeitgeist, it’s time for antacids and angioplasties. On the Olympic track running is not such a glamorous part time, the marathon is tough business.

The Marathon is packed with people from underdeveloped countries like Ethiopia, Kenya, and Morocco………. Athletes, who have struggled for a meal, no training facilities, who have no shoes and literally begged to find sponsors to travel and foot the bill.

Slight and wiry men, running the race of their lives, but with the will power, patience, strength and endurance required - an aerobic experience where the body has to produce oxygen. Compared to distance runners a sprinter has longer muscles & lower body fat. Sprinting is an anaerobic exercise – it uses energy stored in muscles and they are the glam boys of Athletics, while the other has to go the distance to just survive.

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