Tuesday, July 31, 2012

If Tomorrow Never Comes.

Everyday there is a new Prophecy that the world will end, right from Harold Campbell to the Mayan shift of the ages end date in 2012. Most of them are a set of beliefs that signify the end of mother earth. Nothing is going to happen; none of these Prophecies have any empirical or scientific data to back them up. All the 5 elements will go on forever. The world can never end as energy can neither be destroyed nor created even by the supreme creator. There may be transformation from one state to another. So don’t put off your plans for the New Year bash. Tomorrow may be the destruction of the world and we may all reach Paradise above the ruins of our life – despite the grand times and great laughs. No mans past can be changed, like menopause or male pattern baldness which can cause moral and psychological damage. But tonight I would like to have my drink and consider my solitude, without a name, god, creed country or language. I have nothing in common with anyone- let me explore the solitude and silence by meditating about my past life where I truly lived. I have always treated death as triumph; the strain of waiting for death is delirious

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