Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Exploring the World of Vedanta

The Vedas are world’s oldest composite literature on religion, science, humanities and spirituality, yet they are not treated as sacred in the Biblical or religious sense. It is a priceless intangible, and unique mystical world view of that era. It has documented mans culture, fear and misery as a sort of reflection of the Rishis of yore.

It deals with our attachment to our wild side and the sensual world we inhabit with all its inbuilt suffering. The universe has sculpted our connection with life forms and solidarity with sentient and insentient beings. Earth is a picture where ideological and political crimes are carried out everyday, a cruel place despite humans who are instilled with humanity inhabiting it. The world is a merciless place, inhabited by, cruelty, consumption, hatred lust, violence and untold misery.

Life is full of great joy and intense pain, we have lost something both aesthetically and ethically with the shift of the ages from that era to our modern culture, and we are on the brink of losing a priceless intangible heritage. Mans condition to object against this human condition is to protest or pray to God- as they live their entire lives in the reflected glory of religions, losing their own identity in the process. All religions, symbolize hope and despair to which mankind is forever subjected.

Our relationship are filled either with great happiness or intense sorrow shared with lasting pain, it is here that the Vedas helps us learn about life. When we are stripped down to own bare bones and the road ends, when nothing leads anywhere, and religious hope explodes into despair and everything becomes groundless- then the Vedas helps us to reclaim our lives.

As humans our life is nothing but a slow journey through detours of bliss and intense sorrow, the simple understanding which unless you have surrendered to nature, the world refuses to answer your doubts and the meanings therein. We must move into the solitude and silence of our inner self to perceive the very images whose presence our hearts opened up to in the first place.

What a fascinating world, its starkness like the desert that is within us, with a vast expanse of silence which is the real beauty. Order, chaos and reason, the will to survive, the imperious obstinacy to change, all these secrets are revealed, the happiness in those mystical moments of nature, the simple pleasures and to re organize our life’s priorities till we can treat death itself is a triumph over our spirits. It is all there in the Vedas. –Vinay-

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