Friday, July 20, 2012


To be born in India exposed to its mystical philosophy is to wander throughout your life – free with a metaphysical certificate, as Karma is embedded in you DNA.
No matter how intolerable the situation, you accept it with the stoic nature of a philosopher. Sometimes it also happens that instead of joy you will encounter pain. It is again attributed to Karma as explained in Eastern Philosophy.

There are always exits, compensations, ameliorations, people, religious rituals that create a chaos when order is beyond human comprehension. There is no sharp separation between vice and virtue – neither joy nor sorrow can be connected to form a holy chain or a narrative of life.

These expressions emotional as well as intellectual are all about the present moment of awareness. It is indispensable to understand this transition to achieve bliss and liberation. So go ahead, step on the gas, physically, mentally and spiritually. Drink the wild music of the noisy sheets; hear the bird song in the quiet woods to find the balance between what is pragmatic, materialistic and meaningful in life.

Streets may be ugly, dirty, life full of frailties, but don’t mind anything that happens – both the good and the bad have to co-exist in life. A perpetual spree, there are no exceptions because this is reality. Whatever is not in the open street is false; now work the calmness into your soul like an anesthetic.

Even the Deistic creator who designed the world keeps aloof, an absentee God who is indifferent to their plight. He is not willing to step down from his Ivory Tower in Heaven and eradicate the problem of evil -that envelopes this world in the form of sorrow, suffering, injustice, exploitation and sickness. Why should god make some people more privileged than others? This is not so in the animal world or plant kingdom. The all powerful omnipotent god is silent or remains a mute witness. It would seem he is not existent.

There is always a darker perception unleashing negative emotions – fear pain, jealousy, all distructure and the source is a gap that inevitably exists between the haves and have nots. Their aspirations are lost in translation and it triggers the thought process that their expectations are unrealistic.

Theirs is a world where all of us would be thrown into turmoil because we can barely imagine it. Yet they have the audacity to define their own lives. The poor always view situations with more sensibilities on a deeper philosophical plane.

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