Friday, July 20, 2012

Silence of the Spirits.

While growing up I was quite taken by the eagerness of the western world to learn eastern mysticism and spiritual traditions like, Yoga, Transcendental meditation, and other esoteric facets of Indian philosophy. Our spiritual heritage has spawned many Gurus, Sages who have tried to integrate the philosophy of the Vedas into everyday life.

Today Yoga and Meditation is practiced widely in the western world, while it languishes in India. Meditation is not a profound religious ritual – it is more about finding one’s inner harmony and peace by doing absolutely nothing, cutting of the noise - a sort of de-concentrating and calming our busy brain.

Being a secular nation we have always had respect for other cultures and religions. Multiculturalism and multi religious tolerance is critical in today’s globalized world. Constant dialogue throws open a lot of questions, which can shed light even if they do not give immediate answers or solutions. In Hindu philosophy we generate more questions than answers and the seeker is left in solitude to find their own wisdom.

The spiritual aspect is not about liberation or salvation per se – but there is a hidden inspirational thread to make that compassionate connection and discover your inner self. So questions will lead to further doubts and questions and even the answers will beget more questions and this deep introspection will open the doors of another dimension of reality.

Even a simple ascetic life, lived with infinite grace captures the spiritual essence of the mundane. You are liberated from the traps of mental concepts beyond the reach of mere logic and religion, layered with profound insights about all aspects of life. It is all about living a life that gives you satisfaction, one that truly makes you happy. It is then that you are at peace with yourself and the world around you. –Vinay-

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