Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Where Love Has Gone it goes with you Danny…. -Harold Robbins-

Love, creativity and the Universe will always remain a mystery. It has intrigued theologists, philosophers and mankind, who keep wondering about it all the time. Love is the tragic influence in our human lives, a hostile relationship like a drug, in which we cannot control the hallucinations of desire and hate.

The world is full of suffering lovers who converge easily, but with the passage of time diverge diagonally and as the sweet music ends- they no longer want the strings attached to the instruments of their love.The alchemy of the initial rhythm and mellifluous sweet thoughts that made them tango disappears in the utter tedium and futility of everyday life.

As the crescendo of the love balled comes crashing down to expire on the rocks (pun intended) the images remain shattered and totally desolate. We go on living in quiet desperation even though the page is blank and bereft of letters or meaning.
We wonder where the love came from and where it has gone.

In this life we love many and one, it is as if the truth was an illusion built on a shaky foundation of trust. When did love alter is course like the river, what happened to all the obstacles/compromises we made to hang on, it couldn’t stop the relationship snaking away like a strong current leaving one bleary and starry eyed. Like a sputtering candle in the tempest it burns brightly then blows out and our lives become a blurred waking shadow of memories.

The river of love flows into the larger ocean of life, the tears mingle with water and are everywhere but the river is no more. We wonder where it went, did someone take possession? We will never know, we return to the faded memories, like the rustling trees and rivers of our youth- to view lost love, reminisce with sensibilities on a deeper philosophical plane.

The idyllic universe, that existed briefly, when we had time for loving and thoughtful individuality- deepening the intimacy before being snuffed out. Death, love, loss, expectations and regret are the deeper issues we face in our world- tinged with a sense of mild incomprehension as to what life is all about. –Vinay-

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