Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Cosmic Wealth.

You can’t after run after happiness, money or joy, if it happens it happens. Sometime we feel like failures- it helps to inject a healthy dose of sckeptism in us. It is a well know fact that when we try too hard to do something, it sabotages our attempts to do it. It is the same with achieving your goals, the pursuits of happiness or the acquisition of wealth. A holistic approach is always advisable. If we slow down smell the zeitgeist, we may catch by the wayside of our pursuits, a spiritual creature that could alter our meaning of success, Working tirelessly for material success alone is where we fail as emotional creatures, to appreciate the various other aspects that we as human beings need for spiritual sustenance, apart from our attachment to this promiscuous world. If our thoughts can be transformed into reality then the illusion will be shattered and the suspense will disappear. Wealth, happiness and success is perceived as the distillation of all that is desirable in this world, slowly it becomes a potent elixir, consuming us totally with its sensuality. By ignoring the mundane and ordinary, which is floating miles above us, we miss the sweet nourishment of spiritual manna that is necessary to give us an exuberant reverie. This will only become evident when failure in our material pursuits turns to depression. If we can return to quite introspection of our own private impersonal perception of the world our heart will be filled with pleasure and material desires will lose its allure, despite its wild carnal and sensual odors. Valuing the real over the simulated or distinguishing the intrinsic from the sticky glossiness of worldly desires, will be rewarded with opportunities and bounties that abound all over in simple images.-Vinay-

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