Sunday, February 3, 2013

A Crimson Tide.

The chilly light of winter exposed the enigmas of longing and torment in a decadent society. It will have become clear to everyone now that we are heading for a great catastrophe. Quite apart from our personal situations—our literary and material existence has been wrecked—we are headed for a new war. A war against anger, rage , a festering wound created by community with its uncaring attitude towards the suffering of others till the despair turns to violence and killings. In a fit of rage, delusion and fear the Newtown killer wrecked a carnage on children and staff of Sandy Hook School before killing himself. This marks a tipping point in the powerful emotion that drove him from his mother’s dead body to massacre innocents in a tide of crimson rage. In this dastardly act he has submitted himself to the bestial law from deep within. The pain of rejection, isolation and loneliness unleashes the lower animal instinct which tries to overcome the wave of cosmic loneliness which lurks in all of us. It is not that he hated those whom he killed or the children or his mother – he hated his loneliness and as a victim he wanted to end his suffering. The higher human faculties of compassion were submerged by the ape’s sapience which brought upon a separation from the rest of humanity. His melancholy was all embracing, a forlorn cry evocative of the lengthening shadows of his tortured misery- with the rumble of thunder he embraces death as the chosen atonement for the killings and his misery a real paradox as who is the victim in this unfolding drama. He has been imploring for years, trying to adjust to the reality that as a mentally anguished person, he has no one to turn to in this cruel selfish material world. -Vinay-

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