Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Long Live Rain King …

Henderson hallowed be… Thy name is love Rain clouds gather in the sky Soil proclaims the fragrance of earth droplets fall like soft kisses aspens shiver in cluster of promises in shallow grave of soil or mud flowers ,petals all glisten breaking silent vows to listen behold a gale wind blows grove of trees dance with their boughs longing of the branches as water fills the trenches chipmunks scurry across the park like mysterious lovers in the dark courtyard is filled with mud in the shade a blossom of buds rains recedes with a bow as the sun blazes down below on top of the world and shanty town concealed love we try to confine for the broken heart to pine the weather has its change of season healing wounds on the altar of reason nostalgia comes with the rain we know perhaps it rains on the other side of my heart love needs no reason it blossoms in all seasons winter fulless in the heart that tore my love apart

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