Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Good, Bad and Destiny.

There has always been a widespread belief in fate, destiny or karma, the eternal inscrutable power which apportions definitive ends to both individuals and narratives. It is noticeable that sometimes the saint or good man fails and the sinner or unscrupulous man prospers – a fact which seems to put all moral maxims to the ultimate test. As the good results of righteousness are not rewarded but the unjust prosper. Thus a good man or woman is overcome with calamity. If the good Lord cannot be a knower how can he be a giver? Life is a great school for the development of character and all through strife and struggle – vice, virtue; success and failure are but the learning lessons of wisdom. Life is riddled with the fear of the unknown, constant transition and illusion. Our egos only help in giving vent to the stress of daily life. Prayer cannot change anything except make it a blessed sadness of misery. Accept whatever happens to you and maintain a detached impersonal attitude.The real salvation is from solitary intimacy with our inner selves that can extrapolate our destiny. So it is the change within that brings change without. Spirituality allows us to be more resilient to the stress of our times and not worry about the things we can’t control and live a life of harmony, a sort of training for the ultimate end- to leave the world with dignity, grace and at peace with ourselves.- Vinay

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