Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Mind your destiny.

The Vedas extol us not to be satisfied with myths and religious stories that may have worked for others. It wants us to create our own Bibles and unfold our myths. By contemplation one can avoid the rifts arising from attachments that impact the psyche as they tend to acquire physical manifestation. Vedas helps us to break down these blockages in our minds and experience our full consciousness, when this gets internalized we become free of encumbrances. We have various roles in life from student to householder and there is partitions in our minds, we live with this in our lives – a divider between own true self and that which we portray to the world. Our actual role sincerely transforms us and leads us to ethereal joy. We are often exiled by our own shadow which leads to black moods, melancholia, gloom and doom. The shadow impacts the persona we put forth to the world. Vedas simplify a bigger truth. Vedas draw their thematic essence from nature and spirituality – traditionally as part of an Indic ritual with their meditative significance, leading to the ultimate yoga of realization.

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