Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Reboot and Rejuvenate your Mind.

Stress is the most ubiquitous problem in today’s world. When wresting with self esteem you are vulnerable to depression and anxiety. Many of us turn inward to, tide over personal issues.Learning not to have any expectations or desire inevitably leads to disillusionment. To naturally ease stress we must relax our minds and wear the amour of spirituality to protect ourselves from mental disturbance. The root cause of anxiety is lack of confidence, so we must develop the trait of self acceptance. Spiritual energy helps you to remain equipoised to success or failure. Hinduism advocates “indifference “to everything, since all temporal power and glory are fleeting.This will help you embrace change and stabilize a sense of self worth. In every person there is a part of the mind, which is not contaminated by anxious thoughts. You can actually conquer the emotions embedded in your mind, and one can overcome fears. Since this capacity exists, one does not get affected by the adverse effects of emotion. You can control suicidal thoughts or schizophrenia. The loss of courage makes a person emotionally unstable and thereby vulnerable to anxiety and depression.

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