Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Forever Amber.

The years and time goes by like mournful relics of misspent youth the Neanderthals in planes do fly the passage of time bringing its own distress lost hours we try to recover with endless stress you walked out of this world of mine daily contending betwixt pride and melancholy tired of life it’s the same old story the diamond ring with all the hope losing control I wish I could cope a strange power in this intimacy – life in death reflecting on a past folly – love lingers the malady of unrequited love – like strangers take me in your bosom sweetheart I don’t know what’s right anymore my love like an incomplete canvas wants to grow Perhaps I’ve had a little too much to drink memento mori a stage in life’s abysmal brink when I said I’d never leave you what I hoped was – that you never would …

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