Sunday, February 3, 2013

Shift Gears – Revv Minds Engine.

Eastern philosophy states that creation is self organizing and all events are purposeful and not chaotic; and when the mind aligns with the macro intelligence of the Universe, the window to unlimited power opens - this is known as grace. David Rock of Neural leadership echoes this sentiment as he explores processes within the brain that influence our thoughts and impact our decisions and resilience. In Taitteriya Upanishad this is called “pancha kosa” it prepares the mind to be empty and be ready to receive change with ‘grace’. When you create a narrative of experiences you have more control and minimize threat perception, threats are bad for thinking, information, memories, emotions and imagination of all that is stored in it.Neurology also explains the phenomena of insights the conscious brain is very limited and can only solve basic problems. The unconscious brain on the other hand, has extraordinary capacity; we often miss out on the signals it is sending because of the constant noise in our minds. An insight is your unconscious mind solving complex problems for you in life. That’s why most people have their eureka moments in a bath or when their minds are quiet. A still mind, free of baggage, allows intellect to separate grain from the chaff and converge on action to resolve problems. Great music, art, literature which enriches humanity comes from this power. Meditation helps thinking about thinking – deep talking to the deep. So revv your mind’s engine and shift to overdrive.

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