Sunday, February 3, 2013

The Color of Power!

No one is powerless, everyone has “power over their own selves” one must discover and convert it. India was ruled for over 600 years by various Muslim rulers then later by the British. Even after freedom all states and politicians continue to create their own dynastic rule, to cling to power. The sights, sounds and narratives of different states depicts that we have lost our self esteem and politicians act like the replaced Mughal and British rulers. Brazen law breakers become law makers making a mockery of democracy. The code of honor which our forefathers had followed has changed. In a changing world the ordinary man without wealth or connections is still powerless, trapped in a permanent state of unhappiness. The old society was based on taboos, rules, and limitations but love and forgiveness was not in short supply. A little bit of tyranny is build into every collective community of society. As Seneca put it “it is not the man who has too little power, but the man who craves for more power who is poor.” Power is a consequence, unless it is a mere attachment to authority – a mystery with a tacit dimension, wherein poverty is interpreted as contentment and inefficiency camouflaged as patience. Honor has a different connotation in the consumerist- capitalist society of today as opposed to how our forefathers interpreted it – those days every man had within himself an island on which he would not allow trespass that was his honor or oath and a way of life. Power is a neutral energy colored only by the purpose to which it is used. That is why cosmic power is colorless.

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