Sunday, February 3, 2013


Invariably teetotalers would pick up the most sensational parts of health books on the unreliability of safe drinking levels and the female body’s poor ability to handle or cope with alcohol. Few people know much about alcohol, what it is what are the main benefits and drawbacks, how much can one imbibe safely………………………. What happens if we drink too much? In the absence of hard information, people tend to dig their heels into a thick carpet of prejudice. The villager or rural farmer has been drinking “moonshine” almost a bottle a day since World War I and is as healthy as ever before and his liver is better than those half his age. The J-curve indicated that moderate drinkers are less likely to succumb to heart disease than heavy drinkers or teetotalers. My interest in preventing my own liver from packing up pre-maturely is so that I can continue to enjoy one of life’s greatest pleasures for as long as possible. What is certain is that we have to die of something, and for my money it might as well be something that gives me pleasure. Alcohol is the devil we know far better than as unknown devil. I remain philosophical thanks to alcohol (C2Ho5) while my upper middle class neighbors labelled me as a drunken genius. Alcohol revives a tired body and mind and makes a man richer in the gifts of life. It’s all I have left in life. –Vinay

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