Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Sex and Sensibility.

There is a saying in Hindi which when loosely translated states, “that you can’t be spiritual on an empty stomach”. There is no contradiction between material, sensuous needs and our spiritual needs. Tantra is an approach to spirituality through all types of sense enjoyment, even if it entails freedom that jades our senses and dulls our perception which is frowned upon by society and religion. In Tantra everything is sanctified and nothing is profane and is the answer to those who struggle with this ancient instinct. One is allowed to enjoy sensual satisfaction and in this human experience duality exists - it is considered as part of the spiritual bliss. However in the ultimate sexual experience, between a male and female intensely in love with each other, there is no consciousness of one’s separate identity. Sex is all about being here in the moment and it is the combination of multiple senses that triggers intense sensory engagement – an intimate composition of our private world. There is a total fusion of separatist consciousness in each other and only awareness of bliss remains. Sex helps heighten senses that have been dormant for a while; it can bring about a rising, above body consciousness – a sort of sacred substantial and never fading bliss. However Tantra can be grossly perverted if people are enmeshed with short sighted vision and consider only sex, lust and desire as the ultimate destination. These basic senses are only stepping stones and not an end by themselves as these elicit a joy that has no meaning and fades away quickly – a kind of desire that collapses under a weak moment of lust and longing. – Vinay-

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