Sunday, February 3, 2013

Explosive Awakening.

Explosive Awakening. According to tantra, every man and woman should know the basic fundamental kriyas – vajroli, sahajoli and amaroli. It should be understood by all that the ultimate purpose of sexual life is the awakening of the mooladhara of the root chakra. The momentary pleasure derived from the sexual act is just a window through which you can see beyond, though doubtless, there are many other ways for awakening the spiritual potential. You can do it through penance, fasting or pranayama, but the easiest and quickest way is through proper physical union. The experience of awakening the kundalini is unbearable. The ordinary orgasm only lasts of a few seconds, and even that short period is explosive. Imagine if it continued for 10 minutes! No one would be able to handle it. Sexual life is a preparation for this awakening. It balance emotions, calms passions, and minimises excitement of mind, so that slowly, you become more aware of inner life. Cosmic Law Withdrawal symptoms. Nature creates a strong attraction between masculine and feminine forces, this bond forces opposite to merge and give birth to a soul. This completes nature’s job and she withdraws. As she withdraws the bond among opposites fade away that’s why many feel disappointed after a torrid love session or the love evaporating from a love marriage. Love emerging out of physical attraction fades because it is the play of nature. True love is at the soul level and nature plays at a very deep subconscious level. This withdrawal of nature becomes a lifelong wound for many people: but for the enlightened ones, this is the time to start the new journey. Tantra says that even withdrawal of nature has a purpose it lets you move in the direction of your core desires.

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