Wednesday, February 27, 2013

The Philosopher’s Role.

Shelly once said – “I fall upon the thorns of life but I will not bleed. All poets and philosophers have their own visions of spirituality, morality and corporeality. If one interprets their work we can literally step into their sanctum sanctorum – the inner recesses of their mystic minds. Just like everything in life philosophy and spirituality come in duality. It is the contrast that intrigues - you can comprehend some works but others confound you.Juxtaposed with their spiritual is the profane that mirrors our own urban anxiety.Spirituality unites unlike religion which divides. The so called progress brings in its wake angst for urban dwellers, the buildings, rush hour traffic, people, towers busy subways, a huge directionless wave of mankind – a regression that prevents our attempt to escape from reality.The treadmill is a metaphor for the rat race most of us are stuck in life. Silence of spirituality speaks and has a tremendous effect on the mind.Philosophy entertains, enriches and energizes. The mind transcends to a different level and forgets the self and becomes another entity.This is the basis of spirituality. The ancient Vedas touch on worldly problems and the urban anguish and enriches our minds. Deep talking to the deep, a fusion of love, romance and intrigue resounding with silent spiritual thoughts.If one can interpret it correctly – like in real life, each moment has the potential to take your breath away

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