Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Crime does pay.

Thought it has been drilled in our head that the wages of sin are death and crime does not pay, in real life it is exactly the opposite. Recently in India Bhanot who was charged with corruption and siphoning money was appointed as the chief of the Indian Olympic committee. So too, many ministers’, politicians who were embroiled in corruption. There is a pervasive spiritual vacuity that has covered our nation with a blanket of moral blankness. Self deception and corruption are the ladders to success by which we mean wealth. All our institutions allow shareholders to enjoy the wealth which can only be created by unfair and corrupt means. Even ordinary mortals are caught in this vicious web and there is a moral decline due to our greed for profit. Every successful company has a scam in its cupboard, which is the quintessential yardstick of success -rich dividends and bonuses are the result of this theme. CEO’s are supposed to generate profit by hook or by crook. This is evident from the moneyed sleazy milieu of politicians, fat cat bankers and big businessmen all colored by then own caustic, corruptible, sensibilities. Just before the crash and recession the wave of money making touched all sorts of people and it combusted itself as conspicuously as possible, pouring into champagne filled parties in yachts, villas with Jacuzzis, taking flight in private Lear jets and helicopters with a complete loss of one’s moral compass. Being fair, ethical, charitable and humane prevented one from being rich. The God Mammon favored the sinner. In philosophical retrospect the saints will have a lot of disappointments, devastation and depression. Sometimes wonderful things do happen when you don’t get what you want if you were ethical.

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