Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Return of Dracula’s and Cult of Horror.

In the Channel 4 TV photos you see a 12 year old lost child son of the late LTTE leader shot and murdered in cold blood. This is part of the documentary “No Fire Zone” the Killing Fields of Sri Lanka. Director Callum Macrae says no one can justify this violent act carried out by a morally corrupt military culture which is beyond human comprehension. Killing even a captured POW is against the most basic tenets of the code of war and illegal – the responsibility for this monstrous act goes to the very top. How does the brutality fit into reality’s larger vision? What is the line between acceptable and unacceptable violence in life? Even by war’s standards, it is shocking capturing the murder in all its bleak sociological detail. A group of young men in New Delhi rape a young woman to death in a moving bus. What begins as roughhousing escalates to all-out sadism until an iron rod is shoved into her intestines, ending the woman’s pitiful protests for good. The wanton rape and killing in New Delhi may seem shamelessly sensationalistic, but it is embedded in a work that closely examines the corrosiveness of economic injustice and the cult of violence on human dignity.Indeed blood and gore have been bound up with the question of justice since Clytemnestra hacked her husband to death in his bath in Aeschylus' "Oresteia”. Against a seedy urban background of utter futility, the young woman’s temporary ordeal of rape is made chillingly plausible, as is the pack-like behavior of the men who torture her for perverse distraction from their aimless lives.

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