Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Explore the Timeless Universe.

Travel soothes the soul, it de-stresses the mind that has been wrinkled by routine; soothing out the furrows with new sights and experiences. When you hear a song over and over again the magic fades, the melody grates. Traveling to small villages, where the vistas are new and wonderful, the air is pure and fresh, where every place has a story to tell, invigorates the soul. The colors of nature play such a vital role in uplifting our moods, the freshly rain-washed leaves, create the most amazing visuals. Walking up some mystic mountains reminds us that we are also part of this lovely universe; mountains can speak too, if one listens intently to their tales captured for posterity. The calm water of the river is a symbol of quiet strength, reminding us of the latent strength that lies within each one of us. As the river flows time swells and slows like the rhythms of our life. Stopping for an impromptu meal, capturing the sheer joy of being alive - in this beautiful natural environment, a moment under the sun is pure ecstasy. When we are uneasy in our mundane world, we can escape to this ordinary paradise where the grass is green and the stones sing. As dusk settles the streets of small towns bustle with a beehive of activity, trade in the market square, the joie de vivre of the villagers as they celebrate the simple life, the ancient buildings and houses a heritage precinct, but it is the person dwelling within the walls that brings history alive. We city folks have forgotten these reminiscent places in the rat race. Our senses are dull and cannot grasp the splendor of constant eternity. -Vinay-

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