Sunday, February 3, 2013

A Heart’s Unspoken Love.

I saw her standing in the shade Fresh as a dewdrop nesting on grass on a blade Her lovely face like a mirror of the moon I caress her not lest she swoon Ethereal, surreal, a serene beauty A goddess of love, like a jewel in a crown Never seen her she must be out of town My nerves cry out to touch her elegiac heart An untouchable Madonna with only eyes that dart At that moment the bus arrives From a distance I watched her go by, Within those limpid pools A message to decipher try She looks back twice with bright blue eyes Forlorn and sad a glance or was it a cry Did she want me to follow her? The sign too shy Or was it to tell me to wait for more enduring time. I try to shake my magnificent obsession Yet it haunts my life, like an enduring chime Melancholy brought on bouts of lovelorn fever Shaped by a will which bonds me with its fragile fervor Like a flower sprinkled with divine nectar Attracted I want to follow her like a bee No desire to live far from where she may be The lovers glance meant everything Adolescent passion, a romantic dream The end of youth is inconceivable Memories haunt me forever in an undying stream A love potion it becomes a life long addiction Vague thoughts take shape in my mind As I strive to wipe my slate of dereliction Like a fine ghost lost but returns to haunt my thoughts train This is a memory to which I will return again and again Love comes from nowhere and leads nowhere …………… It is its own monument. –Vinay-

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