Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Can spirituality answer our questions?

I started spirituality looking for answers, but along the way I came to exploring the questions of life and death. We must have an awareness of death to fully understand life, progress in spirituality consists, I think, in a clearer delineation of the conceptual options, not in reaching determinate conclusions, like a flower it blossoms slowly and we grow in experience. Unlike religious and scientific philosophy which professes a —logical positivism, or logical empiricism—that is often considered tight, dry, closed, cold, narrow, barren, and juiceless,
and consigns to the bin of mere nonsense the sublime visions that have inspired multitudes to seek the path..
Everybody knows that the etymology of "spirituality" is "love of the universe,” and compassion towards all things encompassed in it, it is a thrilling examination of the physiognomy of thought, a moment to moment awareness and seeing the change unfold in front of our eyes.
But there is a philosophical form of life defined by a certain kind of talk, writing, and thought in which all philosophers must be fluent but in which some philosophers excel, theirs was not a world of just language, truth, and logic, but also of theater, art exhibitions, and gossip.
Spirituality’s purpose is to expose one's innermost convictions to the cutting edges of minds sharpened in the dialogues that make up our formal and philosophical education
The men and women looking out of their frames, with thin smiles, are unrelenting, how we are to live, how we are to think, how we are to act are in the balance. Not to mention the meaning of life, the possibility of knowledge, the attainability of truth, and where beauty lies. Finding the truth may be undergoing cruel stabs and slashes, and reaching surprising conclusions, but that is the quest.

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