Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Oracle of life

Most people, who are not religious extremists, still tend to incline towards one side or religion. Faith apart from religion manifests itself in stock markets and financial markets too, where there are followers of Nouriel Rubini and others who follow ‘’the oracle of Omaha” Warren Buffet. Fund managers are the high priests of finance with their own following, offering eternal salvation and rewards to those who believe in their prophecy and doctrinal advice. Religion is largely a matter of beliefs, but followers of Mammon also have their own faith system and believe the analysts and fund managers’ reports as their gospel, in search of temporal dividends. Being open minded to and dealing intelligently with all types of preaching’s, prophecies and even criticism, would enable the rational seeker not merely improve himself, but obviate souring the beliefs of others.
Many blindly believed the radio preacher Harold Camping who forecast the Apocalypse on 21st May 2011, without questioning the scientific testable propositions involved.
Is free will then an illusion, if every act of ours is determined by external influences, how can we be blamed if we make mistakes or follow the wrong beliefs or advice we receive.
One should be able to determine instinctively the right approach to different belief systems. Constructive decisions or criticism is a multifaceted tool and if used properly enables the true seeker to get rid of the cobwebs of ignorance and not succumb to mere perceptions. Evolving an approach that would not be merely right but is also beneficial to one and all others and their belief systems is the key and has to be cultivated assiduously.
The real answer and danger lies or lurks in our minds.---Vinay---

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