Tuesday, June 28, 2011

winds of change

Blogs are mainly intended for the seekers who found theological, religious, spiritual and theoretical philosophies as useless raft to realize the ultimate truth and interested in deeper self-search and direct realization.But the emergence in the aspirants' mind of such a doubt is itself the signal that the his ignorance that bound him to experience the birth, life and death as reality have got loosened, and that with the sharp razor of wisdom , he can easily overcome the ignorance and assimilate and realize ultimate truth. Spirituality does not consist in the mastery of scriptural knowledge or intellectual speculation or logical conclusions. , but in the realization of the true self, which is neither the waking entity nor the dream entity. Without this Knowledge, it is futile to try to know ultimate truth.As the years roll by, life in all its myriad ramifications still seems elusive as ever.Living simply and wisely, like our ancestors seems unattainable in today's world. knowledge begets pain, seems to unify in the way of an unconsumated marriage of fire with water.No celestial dance of any kind, once you underwrite the ..."urbane madness" everything is unreal,artificial!!
Like the phoenix rising from the pine forests of Arizona, my mind wanders in the complete silence of the this symbol, to rekindle the lost fire in my heart.In love, pain is a blessing that will be blown away to the four corners, by the desert's vast supply of winds.

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