Tuesday, June 28, 2011

physical world

Death happens to us from everywhere, all around the universe, but we are not prepared especially when it is someone young or close, then it garners more significance.
Even before birth we face death, though our infantile memory may have not registered this, or the many obstacles and death one faces even as a foetus, just like the universe which consists of small indivisible particles.
Death is not something that happens at the end of our life but something that happens from birth, but we don’t view it like that, when we understand this we get a better perspective and it will lessen our sorrow.
At the blastocyst stage itself we are vulnerable to attack by microbes even before the embryonic stage with just 150 cells hat multiply and grow into a fully formed foetus many die at this stage too. Then there are other dangers like lack of oxygen, illness in the mother, asphyxiation by the umbilical cord and other pathological dangers encountered in the womb. We float in a void of timelessness even before the cycle of life and death begins.
If everything is ultimately energy- whether light or dark – the spark that became light has to one day get back to its original state. That is to return to the ultimate cosmic energy that permeates all space. Birth and Death are mere interregnums.
Death is a highly creative force, governed by the inexorable cosmic laws of Shrushti, yet it is traumatic. As they say a journey of even a hundred or thousand miles has to end, then you embark on the spiritual journey, from Prakirita (Physical) to Sukshma (Metaphysical). There are only two ways to view both life and death. One as though nothing is a miracle. The other as though both life and death are miracles. I don't believe that there is a deity concerned with my personal life or anyone else's. I don't believe that anyone can become enlightened in any metaphysical ...sense. I don't believe that anyone has ever been or ever will be reincarnated. These are all things that people want to believe because they offer emotional comfort from the knowledge of our own mortality. The universe was either created or has always been here--either way, existence itself is unfathomable and the greatest miracle, if you contemplate it. If I were to use the word 'spirituality' this is what it would refer to. The physical laws of the universe are the greatest wonders imaginable. Learning them is the closest we can get to understanding god. As for the moral side of religion, what we eat and wear have nothing to do with anything. It's not that complicated. Be nice to each other. Respect each other, the physical world and yourself.

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