Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Professional preachers.

Professional Priests, Imams, Gurus philosophers are usually only scholastics absorbed in defending some vested illusion or some eloquent idea, or belief systems. They do not covet truth, and the dispelling of their own doubts. What they defend is some system, that is, some view about the totality of things, of which men are actually ignorant. No system would ever have been framed if people had been simply interested in knowing what is true, whatever it may be
.Religion offers a feast of conventional selection and judgment, and scant critical perspective of the wisdom tradition—those thinkers who care about how we should live our lives—commands its own share of the philosophy curriculum, or at least of humanities real estate but ignores the fact that truth that morality is objective and can be shown to be so.
There is a coherent unity among all human values—ethics and morality are two different parts of the same coin, the first is the study of how to live well, the second is the study of how we must treat other people and our environment.
Any philosophical/religious teaching, regardless of the particular truths it may contain, must eventually be understood as a work of imagination and a piece of human soliloquy.

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