Tuesday, June 28, 2011

full life

To live life fully you must understand the whole life and not part of it. If we compartmentalize our mind, then one one portion sees the subjective form while the other takes the objective form. Proper suspension of the mind is required to obtain bliss in your minute pursuits.Life is not not just having an occupation for livelihood, but in spending all and every minute in doing many things, reading singing ,dancing, watching the stars and nature unfolding before us. whatever we see, touch, and speak are all part of life and spirituality.Spirituality when tempered by open mindedness and receptivity would enable the true seeker to see enlightenment within his inward mind, neither grief or misery will enter when you are in this state.The mechanism by which our minds analyses situations involving chance are an intricate process, a product of of evolutionary factors personal experience ,knowledge stored over the years and emotion.The firmness of mind which is inspired by intelligence , dynamism and sublime thought is the one through which one obtains for himself and others in the universe endearing and enduring benefits.Much of our creative thoughts find their source in our subconscious,it is here that we drown our worries and find our solutions. When we want answers we rummage this part of our mind.Interpreting these thoughts can help us unveil meanings that are not apparent in our linear mind.Spirituality helps us unleash the the hidden powers of our subconscious mind. It allows our intuitive or gut feeling to emerge from the cocoon where it is hidden from normal logical thinking, which has to be dis-engaged for this process to take place. your subconscious is the most powerful repository of creative thought and ideas and the primal intelligence that gives structure to our universal thoughts. Our subconscious mind is always trying to contact you, but is always blocked by our habitual conscious mind which is busy with the everyday mundane emotions and habitual thought patterns.If we can awaken this it is part of our enlightenment.

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