Tuesday, June 28, 2011

More bandwidth

The root cause of superstition is trying to follow the faith and belief of others kindly without applying ones mind. Beliefs and faith are not immune to falsification, by those who want you to follow them. It is like the scientist who handles fact, while religion involves beliefs. No two beliefs can be exactly alike. So unless we make the effort to be clear about our fundamental spiritual and philosophical position in this evolving universe, we will be swept away by the multitudes of faiths that hold sway in this world. If we cannot elevate our minds, we will feel that we are on top of the pile and your internal world will forever elude you.
Everybody wants to have eternal happiness that is why fairy tale of going to heaven reassures people who are afraid of the dark. Negative thoughts or fear of expecting the worst can invite adversity. However for spiritually minded the solutions to adversity are simple. It is like escaping from the mental grid lock of negative thoughts and pushing the “refresh” button every time we come across an obstacle, this will activate and expand your bandwidth. You free will / thoughts will then infuse you with wisdom and enthusiasm to face all the problems in your life. When you attain that state of infinite dynamism, you will feel alive and feel the vitality flow through your veins which will unfold into an intense joy of being one with the universe

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