Tuesday, June 28, 2011


One must try to avoid despair, it’s almost a mortal sin, there is a point of deletion to which you can sink, and after that it doesn’t seem worth it. Sadness and a defeatist attitude is a prelude to depression and there is a mental disturbance. It is a psychological phenomenon opposite of satisfaction. When we feel that we have failed to achieve something we feel deprived and sad. However the flip side is that unpleasant experiences contribute to intellectual stimulation and the discontent can be transformed into passion to strive for a higher level of action for success in whatever field. According to nature the journey is also full of pain and joy in equal measure; otherwise you will not attempt arduous tasks and will die without achievement. So initially what seems like a curse can be transformed into a blessing, and the tedious journey will end in happiness when you reach the destination. When all your undertakings and journeys are free from anxiety about results, then all your desires have been consumed in the fire of knowledge. Staying free from expectations but overcoming adversity for the benefit of everyone including ourselves then you have achieved what you thought you were deprived of in the beginning. Philosophically, what is important is not where one is, but where one is heading.!-Vinay-

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