Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Liberate yourself.

Spirituality is inherent in all of us, but very few nurture it, let alone want to explore it. If you were always taught to think within the box or follow your parent’s religion without questioning any assumptions, then you may not want to think beyond your self confined world. You need to understand what it is that makes you unique from other creatures and need to be flexible, agile, easily amenable to change as you evolve. Earlier our parents wanted to be Doctors, Scientists and lawyers the next generation evolved and wanted to be IT / Software Engineers, MBA’s Consultants and now kids want to Actors, sportsmen and Entrepreneurs. Seeking money and fame by itself is not despicable, but not seeking further is like stopping the evolution of the mind.

The need for intuitive understanding is much greater when success has come rather than in the struggling years. A feel for the things, over and above the accumulation of money, fame and knowledge and urging self introspection. Some unlearning is involved to get into spirituality which is also a suspension of logic. It is thereupetic, calms and rejuvenates you, before realization and enlightenment. You have to become a conduit for the spiritual current .to flow through your body to experience this, akin to light filtering through the darkness; we need to slowly withdraw from what is transient. Rationalism, detachment persistence will bring about the transformation. In short a moment of eternity that words can never reveal or describe with accuracy, a moment when neither worldly happiness or misery remains dominants. No words can describe the ecstasy or bliss.As a technical method leading to attainment of Self-awareness, and thereby liberation, spirituality has been part of our spiritualscape along with our sub conscience. A simple, natural method, spirituality seeks sublimation of what one is born with, not its negation as seekers’ asceticism. Unlike most other theologies, spirituality takes off with the real, instinctive or inborn: ‘what is — body, nature, desires…which asceticism outright rejects as base and common.
Spiritualities primary concern is ‘what is’, not ‘what should be’, an honest acceptance of oneself and the world. It is rather a sort of mystic science that examines experiences of ‘Self’ with the material world and explores man’s inherent energies, spiritual and physical and methods to expand them. Metaphysical enquiries as to ‘why’ or ‘whence’, exploring the illusory nature of this world, are it’s domains. Spirituality transmutes all actions into inner awareness and into a creative evolution and desires into the vehicle of transcendence, and energies, into the ultimate means of liberation.
Spiritualism contends that human body, being its microcosmic sample, represents the Universe. Hence, whatever takes place in the universe is repeated in the ultimate liberation.

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