Tuesday, June 28, 2011

live life spherically.

All along I have lived my life on my own terms, lived spherically in every direction, not losing my childhood enthusiasm. now that I am a part of this group, I have had some wonderful insights from all of you and there has been a subtle transformation after perusing your posts and comments.
Your posts are like thoughts frozen in cyber space, a medium by which I can interact with your minds and see the questions and answers unfold, even though the latitudes and longitudes separate us. We are all playing our part in human consciousness and through this exchange we enjoy a broader perspective.
The part we want to play will make the difference as questions and the varied answers unfold in front of our eyes.
A post or comment is not an inanimate material, but an outlook at the world from different viewpoints and from the heart of the person who has posted it. So let us look at the uncertainties of life and future through a million eyes and connect with the Universe.Death is the ultimate goal, so let us not postpone the good life.
The answers are seeking the seeker in the winds of cyberspace.-Vinay-


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