Tuesday, June 28, 2011

no options

When we are young and immature we wonder through life as if it were a game, soaking in the palette of colors of life, missing the woods for the trees. Finally we bid goodbye to happy adolescence to don the finery of adult life. Now suddenly our vision is clouded by ideas, opinions, misconceptions and abstractions. By wearing the armor of ego, we lose the vital sense of mystery, and the burden of pain is thrust in our lives. It is the turning point in our lives and we become seekers to decipher the notions of the mind.We have no future, because our present is too volatile. We have only risk and disaster management, given the spinning of the moment’s scenarios. One constant of history is change, who will be the future inhabitants? From the pre-globalised small shops, the world has gone in such a different direction, and business is conducted in cyberspace and on worldwide web.. The days of boozy lunches and careful chatter in 5 star restaurants are over. Now we need to stare at our laptops and cell phones with a haute nerd intensity in the flat and spectral non hour time zone, awash in limbic tides, till the brainstem stirs fitfully, flashing inappropriate reptilian demands for sex, food and alcoholic sedation, all of the above, and none really an option now!

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