Tuesday, June 28, 2011


Look for what lies beneath, down deep where there is complete darkness. Darkness is where peace is, it's synonymous with silence. In our universe 98% space is dark, we have very little light.We are all replicas of the Universe, we are dark inside. When we see nature, it asserts over our thought processess and the image is superimposed in our minds eye, then we imbibe it for a moment, don't try to interpret it; extend the moment into eternity/posterity. To live in that moment,taste it continously in everyday life, right amongst the crowds, not in the cave is enlightenment.he mind could be your friend or foe, depending on how it is being controlled. Further, it says that the mind is flickering, restless, yet strong and obstinate. Controlling the mind is harder than controlling the wind. Here the comparison is being made between mind and matter, the wind. While matter is a subject of Physics, the mind does not come under its purview. There are no physical methods of probing the mind. However, an attempt is made here to throw some light on the basis of science on the qualities attributed to the mind.
First let us focus on the flickering and restless nature of the mind. They denote the fluctuation of the mind that arises from indecision. Therefore, if a person is strong-willed, the mind can be controlled and put in orde

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