Tuesday, June 28, 2011


Words, spoken or written, carry a message. Since time immemorial, words are believed to contain spiritual energy, which also helps the individual to connect with groups that releases tremendous energy Another thing worthy of note is that words are our creation, and they help us to overcome apparent grief and sadness, which tend to settle in from unachieved desires in everyday circumstances, the individual yearns to reunite with his native soil/roots. What is also true is the fact that opposites symbolize, in a weird way, the complete picture of the thing.
The individual’s view’s, are unfathomable. Opening up of our senses and consciousness give us an ecstasy, but be cautious sometimes questions are more important than answers , so we don’t waste ourselves, you can replace one belief with another, you cannot be bereft of belief, the first step is to realize where we stand. This realisation may seem that we are entangled in an inflexible reality. This realization in the light of liberation is not wrong about but sleep on it you don’t always have to give in to knee jerk reactions. They say when you realise, you start speaking in opposites. Why does this happen? The reason is simply the fact that the truth, being infinity, cannot be bound with words.

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