Tuesday, June 28, 2011

frog in wells

Religions and their holy books/scriptures somehow fail to inspire and leave most followers stone cold, apathetic, dry, and uncaring about the plight of the down trodden and world around them..
Most religious treatises despite a sublime treatment and theme together with a strong storyline are really not enthralling or engrossing enough to inspire the faithful. The story meanders around various interesting characters but fails to engage the seekers. The simplest truths about life are drowned in a sea of mythology,
Enlightenment of the self is treated as incidental while making sure, that their scriptures or dogmas are firmly implanted in the psyche.
They create enough drama woven around the story, but enlightenment or self actualization cannot come from mere drama alone! Adopting old classics/folklore or mythology cannot ensure moments of redemption. There is no passion and skill in the story telling, but squander it all in rigid self constricting rigid dogmas, and there is no salvation for the seeker. The followers have no knowledge or case for the process or care for the torturous journey undertaken by the creator or messiah, but want to find their own path or truth which is normally not permitted. This is where all of them fail as they leave the people out in the cold with their own hubris.We are all frogs in a well; It is a term of derision for the intellectually complacent, for someone who thinks he knows everything there is to know. Our well has time, space and words as its walls.
The time we live from birth to death is the only real history we experience; what we hear of what happened before and of what can happen later are just stories. The only space we experience is the land we live in, work in or travel to what we hear of other lands is other people’s imagination.
Thanks to the information explosion, we can see more places and know more words, but time still fetters us. We remain like frogs in our own ponds of misery.
We do not control what lies beyond our domain or horizon or realm of understanding but, we can expand our horizon. For this we have to keep evolving, stretching our knowledge and expanding our viewpoints. We have to engage with more people, discover their beliefs and figure out if theirs will help us make ours wider or narrower. When you interact, you evolve and expand your horizon and today thanks to social networking our horizons have expanded tremendously.

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