Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Kung Fu Panda

Sometimes deep philosophy is entwined even in movies made for children. All of us have a child locked away in our hearts and so I too found myself on a lazy Sunday afternoon watching King Fu Panda with my children. Suddenly I realized that the movie carried a subliminal message of spirituality through this celluloid medium.
Kung Fu Panda explores an individual’s quest for identity and the struggle to come to terms with reality. Po the protagonist takes us through the five stages of life, grief, denial, anger, depression and finally acceptance.
The movie tries to capture on celluloid one of the most existential questions. “Who am I” In his search for answers Po realizes that accepting reality and being comfortable with what has happened in the past are amongst the biggest challenges in his life. Po is confused and is in denial mode, that the lack of clarity in his past life is troubling him and refuses to share his misgivings with his friends.
You can choose your destiny in the present moment and mould your future.
The film is about moving on in life and letting go of the sad memories that hold you back from enjoying the present. It is about stillness and calm because, with inner peace comes insight to deal with life’s toughest problems. Live your life from your heart, share the dreams and misgivings in your heart and you will have a beautiful life that can inspire and touch other souls

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