Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Healing Spirits.

Spiritual Healing as opposed to medicine and it's discontents.
Medicine is used to heal as well as suppress pain and illness as well as negate misery brought about by the ailment. However in spiritual or palliative healing has a more radical and holistic approach to the disease. It examines the self within the material world and is designed to resolve the illness by harnessing the energy of both body and mind. It aids the mind to attain self awareness and thereby liberation. It uses simple love and compassion as the main ingredient and by elevating the patients own spiritual scope to negate pain. Normal medicine treats the patient as a gross bundle of flesh and bones with the relevant disease.In spiritual palliative care it explores the patients inherent energies both physical and spiritual and transmutes love into an inner awareness, so that there is a creative evolution of transcendence of his own energies into the ultimate liberation. As energy cannot be created nor destroyed ,but it can be transformed subtly into a deeper form, re-equipping his own depleted energy, thereby relieving fear and tension and is a subtle form of indulgence towards honest acceptance of oneself and his condition which can be transformed into a sensory satisfaction. A sort of catharsis of the soul.--Vinay--

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