Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Rewire your mind.

Footsteps sweat, caffeine, memories, stress, even sex and dating habits – it can all be calculated and scored like a baseball batting average. There is a growing number of “self-quantifiers “Moving in the technology circles of New York and Silicon Valley, engineers and entrepreneurs have begun applying a tenet of the computer business to their personal health: One cannot change or control that which one cannot measure .
Their weight, exercise habits, caloric intake, and sleep patterns – they’re all quantified and graphed like a quarterly revenue statement. And just as a business trims costs when profits dip, they make decisions about the day based on their personal ¬analytics: too many calories coming from carbs? Say no to rice and bread at lunchtime. Not enough REM sleep? Reschedule that important business meeting for tomorrow.
Much as engineers will analyze data, and tweak specifications in order to optimise a software program, people are ¬collecting and correlating data on the “inputs and outputs” of their bodies to optimise physical and mental performance. We like to hack hardware and software, why not hack our bodies?

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