Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Cycle of life

Life is cyclical and a succession of events /days/years in a time loop of eternity, and pretty soon all of us get trapped in this endless cycle. Our life is like a river collecting all this debris/ events within the day/month /years like tributaries which flow into our larger self. There are two banks into which these vectors of opposing values run side by side. Each of these embodies a spectrum at whose extreme ends lie these contradictory vectors of positive and negative values which are necessary to bring in a proper balance in life. We must not slip completely into despondency or zones of joy or confidence or complacency. We have to keep growing, learning and share our glory with the Universe as a whole. This equipoise is what matters like the quiet moment in the ocean when one wave falls and the other rises. It only when you reach this stage of awareness, humility, understands and acceptance of our own destiny that philosophy of the external world and its illusion becomes clear. In short we must not be affected by the twists and turns of our life, and like the river we will finally enter the larger cosmic body. Nothing is to be feared, everything should be understood, we should not be attached, and just think it is a passing illusion and move along with it. Otherwise we will fade into the sunset with a dead man’s smile!

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