Tuesday, June 28, 2011


Most people seek fame and fortune, most of the time fame is confused with the riches that it brings. Most people seek fame for power, prestige and money. Our quest for fame is perhaps subliminal to our quest for truth. Psychologists say that every human being seeks immortality and therefore seeks fame…so that they live beyond their ca...lendar years, at least in name… and hence the obsession to become famous. Famous people or leaders are not necessarily bad people; rather they lose their moral bearings often yielding to seduction strewn in their paths. When you rely purely on external gratification for fulfillment, then you risk failure. There is nothing wrong with desiring these outer symbols of fame as long as it is combined with a desire to serve something greater than oneself! Lasting fame will only accrue when you recognize from whom you have derived the power and re-invest it back to them. If the goal is only for power over others, unlimited wealth or the fame that comes with success, then dignity and respect will be eroded. For adulation and trust you must realize that the power is derived from others and without it you are nothing. When fame is rooted in a noble activity or service, only then can it become immortal, otherwise you will lose your way in the grime smudged streets of notoriety.=Vinay-

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